What Color Group am I? Green, Yellow, Red or Purple?

In the past, Portland Fit has used color groups to designate paces for our long runs & walks on Saturdays. The weekly schedule had slightly longer workouts for “faster” color groups. However, your pace does not necessarily match experience, goals or current fitness. Compare a fast, novice runner, training for their first half/full marathon, versus an experienced but slower marathoner, who does 1-2 marathons per year for the last 5-10 years.

We will still have pace groups for the Saturday run/walks, and encourage you to stay together for comeraderie. During the week, consider doing the workouts that best match your current fitness and experience, rather than your pace:

Purple: Walkers; Walk-Run; New Runners, who prefer to do TIME-based training (No GPS needed). Purple workouts are measured in TIME, not distance. All you need is a watch (preferably with a lap/timer function). This schedule has the lightest workload, so it’s a good option if you are coming back from an injury or extended time off also.

Red: Novice Runners (have run fewer than 2 (half-)marathons). Also appropriate for Intermediate or Experienced Runners returning from time off or injury. Later in the season, track workouts are distance-based, and are best done on a track or flat surface with a GPS watch.

Yellow: Intermediate Runners (have run 2-5 marathons before), with no recent injuries. The weekday runs are longer than Red, but shorter than Green. Track workouts are distance-based.

Green: Experienced Runners (5+ previous marathons), no recent injuries, and currently running at least 4 days a week. Saturday and weekday runs are longer than Yellow's. Track workouts are distance-based.

If you have questions about which schedule you should be following, just ask a Red Hat (Coach or Assistant Coach) on Saturday!