I am thankful for the opportunity to train for the first time with Portland Fit. I joined the club late in this year’s marathon training season. In a short time I made many friends and recognized that Portland Fit is a great club that prepares runners of all ages, capabilities, and experiences to run a marathon. Runners include both first-time marathoners and seasoned veterans. The leaders of Portland Fit are knowledgeable and caring, and they follow their own well-designed marathon training plan. The routes chosen by Portland Fit are varied and interesting. Week by week, the long runs gradually increase in distance so that the runners may safely adapt to running a marathon distance. Leaders provide a brief talk before the long runs, offering guidance, advice, and encouragement. Leaders also chalk mark the entire training route prior to each run, and one member even accompanies the weekly long runs on bike in case assistance is desired. Great idea! I have never seen this. Aid stations provide runners with great snacks and welcome encouragement. I encourage you to consider Portland Fit to help you train for your marathon!~ Duncan McCaig

Duncan, Portland, OR