I joined Portland Fit back in 2006 because I had committed to the goal of running a Half Marathon with a friend of mine, but I was completely new to the sport of running.  At the time, the thought of running even 3 miles seemed like a daunting challenge.  Luckily, I heard about Portland Fit's program which happened to coincide with the Half Marathon timeframe that my friend & I wanted to participate in.  Portland Fit not only helped me accomplish my goal of finishing my 1st Half Marathon that year, but the program also helped me accomplish finishing the Portland Marathon as well.  Never in my life would I have thought I could complete a Half Marathon, much less a Full Marathon, but with the Portland Fit program and all of the support & encouragement of its members I was able to do it!  I enjoyed the Portland Fit community & program so much that I've returned each year for most of the years since then, and now since 2016 I've given back to the community by assisting as an Assistant Coach.  I really enjoy encouraging & inspiring new runners to reach their goals & to see their astonishment at how far they can push themselves with the right training - it's priceless to see!  Plus I really enjoy the whole atmosphere around running events & the running community.  There is such a positive energy & commradary associated with the sport.  I hope you come to love the sport as much as I have!