I joined Portland Fit when in 2012, the year of my 60th birthday.  I joined to train for the Portland Marathon, a goal I set to celebrate my 60th year. I researched other training programs but Portland Fit appeared to be the best and I've never regretted that decision.

I’ve been a coach for 3 years.  Portland Fit is not just a running program.  It is also for walkers and that is what sets it apart from many other programs.  So what do I like about walking?  I like walking because it is a good low-impact way to stay fit.  As we age, our bodies sometimes change and we have to modify the activities we do to stay fit.  I have always been active - played women's soccer for 18 years, ran and cycled.  However, now I have to stay with low-impact activities and walking is one of those activities that I can do.  I like walking because I like the outdoors. My first and only marathon was the Portland Marathon in 2012. This year I would like to sign up for at least one other half marathon.