I joined Portland Fit in 2012 to see what it would be like to walk a marathon.  I'd just started changing my eating habits on a long-term basis and was looking for an activity that required ongoing, long-term commitment toward a specific goal - something I didn't get from gym classes and workouts. I walked the Portland Marathon that year, 10 days before my 59th birthday, ran it the next and as of January 2018 have completed 11 marathons, including two 50K ultras.

I started coaching in 2014 to be there for members the way others had been there for me in the beginning - and are still today. 2018 marks my fifth year as a "red cap". My favorite thing about distance running and walking is the sense of freedom, space and simultaneous exhilaration and peace I experience, whether I'm running by myself on a cold, rainy day, or on a gorgeous early summer morning with friends.

In 2018, I'm planning to run the Eugene Marathon and from there, I'll play it by ear. We're privileged to live in running heaven, with road and trail runs of all sizes and distances available year long.

It all started with Portland Fit:  A one-and-done quickly morphed into a passion and membership in a community of amazing, supportive, energetic, positive friends.