I joined Portland Fit because I love running and I wanted to help others achieve their goal of completing their first marathon. I believe in the program and the non-threatening way we gently encourage and lead our groups. It is not competitive with anyone but yourself.  I’ve been coaching 13 years.  Running gives me peace. I like to run in the morning. It just sets my day for me. It is my therapy and something I do for me. I started running after my mom passed away. I love how my mind can just roam and I can sort out all the issues of my day/life. I feel it makes me a better mother, wife, employee and friend. Portland Marathon 2014 was my first marathon and I loved it. I've run 11 more since then. Numerous halfs and 10k, 5K.

My goal is to pick a marathon and run it well. Also to run a 10K and win in my age group :).