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Here are 10 quick tips: Hydrate as soon after your run as possible with Gatorade or an electrolyte drink Stretch major muscle groups and anything that is sore or tight. Roll out any nagging injuries or problem areas. Eat a small meal that contains a 4 to 1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein Take an…
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Run Clubs during the week!

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There are so many awesome run clubs in Portland. Expand your community! If you miss a day of running, you can make it up on one of your rest days.

Mon: 6:30-7:30pm portland women's run club at Duniway park

Tues: 6:30 Track workouts with PRC at Cleveland High School

6:00 Rose City Run Club at Bushwacker Cider

Wed: 6:30 Nopo Run Club at Stormbreaker Brewing

Thurs: 6pm at PRC in Beaverton

Exercises and Yoga!

Yoga is perfect for recovery, flexibility and stability. There are great yoga poses that integrate your whole body for post run cool downs. We have monthly yoga available with the lovely Julie Sparling, who is also an avid runner. Join us May 13th- 7pm at Overlook park for a 5K run and sunset yoga session. BYO…
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Staying Visible While Running

Running is one of the healthiest forms of exercise. According to the American Heart Association, 150 minutes of brisk physical activity per week goes a long way in maintaining healthy blood pressure and heart function. While it’s ideal to travel on designated jogging paths, sometimes it’s impossible to avoid running alongside traffic. If this sounds…
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Running Safety and Apparel Notes

Safety Review road rules- run against traffic, stop at lights, eye contact w/drivers Cell phone - carry phone for emergencies!  Use a cell phone holder – arm or waist band Shoe tag - EBF tag for emergency contact-it’s also reflective Road ID can add important medical info-allergies/etc - for wrist, shoe, or neck tag Dusk/Dawn/night use head…
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